Monday, 7 April 2014

The plan of the extend school hours should occur in Primary and Secondary schools.
The reason I believe this should happen in secondary schools is that when I had double cooking I didn't really learn how to make meals but how to bake.
Now how many teenagers go away to university and can't cook and struggle?
So why not have cooking in the after school period so that they can cook their family a meal that they can eat for dinner, it's not hard you can extend the last lesson at 3:30 to 5pm at the lastest in order for them to have prepared their meal.
Some would say that you are taking away their choice in what to do in the extended time but if you did this once every 2 weeks it is only 1 day that has an lesson in it.
Cooking wasn't the only thing that I didn't learn much in really.
For example renting a flat.
No one tells you all the cost sometimes you just find out first hand and for some it can be difficult especially if you never thought that  you had to pay for the deposit and rent for the first month and also all your bills.
So a financing lesson would benefit everyone.    

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