Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Families My views on a BBC News Story


This is the link to a news story that I began to read and found very strong views coming from them.

This quote from this news story made me think "Teachers warn days of up to 10 hours in school or childcare result in children who do not talk to anyone, fall asleep and lag behind their peers" BBC, 2014.

I personally do not agree with this comment. I was in full time child care as my mum needed to work and it was easier on her for me to be in child care.
Personally I believe that 10 hour days yes is long for children, but how can a family provide for their children if they don't work?

Parents find it difficult to fit work and family life together which goes back to my point that we should extend school days in order to help families.
It will benefit them all as it allows children to gain help with homework or to engage in an activity that they enjoy.

The comment of it will result in children who don't talk to anyone, how do we know that is due to being in child care or school for a long period of time? 
Some children are shy and maybe they don't talk because they don't have anything to say.
The falling asleep could be a problem in school as nap times no longer exist but in nurseries they do, and if they get enough sleep the night before it will help them through their day.
Which is why I suggested if the school hours were extended were to have activities they chose so then they can relax before they go home.

I agree with the Government saying that the family needs to decided what is best but in order to feed their children, house them, clothe them and provide them with Maslow's Basic Needs parents needed to work, as in this day and age it has been shown that you need both parents working in order to provide and raise a family without struggling.

The issue on the blame on technology slightly angers me as parents and family members decide to give and buy their children the technology and if they chose to use that then spend time with their mum and dad how can you blame technology?
You didn't have to buy that product for the child but you did and you need to suggest guidelines so that they spend time with the family.

The issue mentioned saying that children aren't a priority as parents have to work is wrong, children are a priority because the parents are working for that child's benefit, we live in a world where the employee needs to be flexible not the employer and we know that.
Even before we chose to have a family everyone knows that at some point if you return to work that you child might be in childcare but it doesn't mean parents value work more than their children, otherwise you would have more stay at home parents or part time parents who are struggling to provide for that child.

In my opinion 4 years old is the right age for school, it didn't affect me or any of the other children who started school at 4 with me, at this time school helps children to develop their skills and they still have the importance of play in their curriculum.

The starting school at 2 no I don't think should happen, having more places in nurseries for 2 year old yes that should happen as you don't want them in education from 2 you want them to play and experience their childhood.
By 4 years old they can dress themselves go to the toilet and also have developed their language skills, as some children don't start talking until 3.


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