Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pupils and Technology

This news story caught my eye today as most of my posts are about children, and children getting addicted to tablets.

One who provides the children with the tablets?

Parents or family members! 

Instead of buying young children tablets why not get them toys that allow them to build towers so they can develop the basic skills that they need for their development.

We can't keep blaming others when we caused this.

Why don't you enforce rules when they use the tablet so they are not on it so much?

I am not a parent but I do know from work experience that you need to enforce rules with children.


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Families My views on a BBC News Story

This is the link to a news story that I began to read and found very strong views coming from them.

This quote from this news story made me think "Teachers warn days of up to 10 hours in school or childcare result in children who do not talk to anyone, fall asleep and lag behind their peers" BBC, 2014.

I personally do not agree with this comment. I was in full time child care as my mum needed to work and it was easier on her for me to be in child care.
Personally I believe that 10 hour days yes is long for children, but how can a family provide for their children if they don't work?

Parents find it difficult to fit work and family life together which goes back to my point that we should extend school days in order to help families.
It will benefit them all as it allows children to gain help with homework or to engage in an activity that they enjoy.

The comment of it will result in children who don't talk to anyone, how do we know that is due to being in child care or school for a long period of time? 
Some children are shy and maybe they don't talk because they don't have anything to say.
The falling asleep could be a problem in school as nap times no longer exist but in nurseries they do, and if they get enough sleep the night before it will help them through their day.
Which is why I suggested if the school hours were extended were to have activities they chose so then they can relax before they go home.

I agree with the Government saying that the family needs to decided what is best but in order to feed their children, house them, clothe them and provide them with Maslow's Basic Needs parents needed to work, as in this day and age it has been shown that you need both parents working in order to provide and raise a family without struggling.

The issue on the blame on technology slightly angers me as parents and family members decide to give and buy their children the technology and if they chose to use that then spend time with their mum and dad how can you blame technology?
You didn't have to buy that product for the child but you did and you need to suggest guidelines so that they spend time with the family.

The issue mentioned saying that children aren't a priority as parents have to work is wrong, children are a priority because the parents are working for that child's benefit, we live in a world where the employee needs to be flexible not the employer and we know that.
Even before we chose to have a family everyone knows that at some point if you return to work that you child might be in childcare but it doesn't mean parents value work more than their children, otherwise you would have more stay at home parents or part time parents who are struggling to provide for that child.

In my opinion 4 years old is the right age for school, it didn't affect me or any of the other children who started school at 4 with me, at this time school helps children to develop their skills and they still have the importance of play in their curriculum.

The starting school at 2 no I don't think should happen, having more places in nurseries for 2 year old yes that should happen as you don't want them in education from 2 you want them to play and experience their childhood.
By 4 years old they can dress themselves go to the toilet and also have developed their language skills, as some children don't start talking until 3.


Monday, 14 April 2014

I know this one isn't technically about the educational system but in a way it is

My post this time is about the BBC 3 documentary on Porn what is the Harm? 

What I found watching this that why didn't any every suggest for the parents to set up filters on their on PC and their children's laptops?

This can then allow parents to block any websites or explicit videos/ images being seen accidentally by the children.

Some may say well not every one is technical which is true however when you get a new PC or laptop then it gives you the option to turn on family safeguard or something similar to that.

So why aren't we doing this before complaining to the Government about it?

I know sometimes it is easier to blame before research yourself.

The issue with accessing it via mobile phones my main point is that parents normally pay for the mobile phones and if they set rules to use the WiFi in the house and have the filter on your own WiFi then you won't be able to see those images.

When it comes down to friends showing their friends pictures and images that parents don't wish them to see that is a problem, but if it does happen there needs to be a relationship between the child and their parents.

So then they can go to them and ask them about it and then the parents can take the matter into their hands and could contact the parents of the other child and let them know what their child is accessing so they know, as you never know those parents may not know what their child is watching.

I did agree with Skepta when he mentioned about children not having the relationship with parents and not being able to talk to them about it, I know it can be hard for children to open up to their parents but parents need to try and maintain this relationship.
This link should appear in more schools to show the impact of Sexting and it may prevent it.

We need to include the issue of porn into our educational system in order to try and educate children that Porn is not showing what Sex is really like, and how the story lines of porn some of the more hard core porn is not treating the women or men right in them and to try and prevent them from trying out a story line which could be a rape story line.

In the UK we need a better educational system for secondary and primary school, and this issue needs to be included.

Let me know what you think on this serious issue.        


Monday, 7 April 2014


From the Sex Ed lesson I had in year 9 there was so much that I feel should of been included within it in order to say that you explained everything they needed to know in order to prevent teenage pregnancy or from catching AIDS or an STD or STI.

Whether they listen is another thing.


Why miss out on things that can help to prevent this.

Number 1: Instead of just mentioning the Pill, femidom and the condom in sex education lessons why not explain all of the ways to prevent pregnancy and catching anything.
  1. The Pill
  2. Condom
  3. Abstinence
  4. Femidom
  5. Coil
  6. Implant
  7. Cap
  8. Injection
  9. Diaphragm
  10. Contraceptive patch'
  11. Ring
  12. IUS
  13. IUD   
As you can see there is a variety of contraception but why is so little being taught?

Another point that wasn't brought in my lesson was learning about how long before you pill counts as a missed pill and what can be the outcome of that.

Also I have known that a lot of girls become pregnant as they are unaware that antibiotics can cancel out your pill.

The main bulk of my lesson was how to be a condom on properly, talking about condoms and the pill and basically how condoms protect against STDs and that was it.

If we want our kids to be safe then sex ed classes need to be better.

And also sometimes they need to give sex education classes before Year 9, as some are sexual activity from the moment they have periods which can be 11 years old.
The plan of the extend school hours should occur in Primary and Secondary schools.
The reason I believe this should happen in secondary schools is that when I had double cooking I didn't really learn how to make meals but how to bake.
Now how many teenagers go away to university and can't cook and struggle?
So why not have cooking in the after school period so that they can cook their family a meal that they can eat for dinner, it's not hard you can extend the last lesson at 3:30 to 5pm at the lastest in order for them to have prepared their meal.
Some would say that you are taking away their choice in what to do in the extended time but if you did this once every 2 weeks it is only 1 day that has an lesson in it.
Cooking wasn't the only thing that I didn't learn much in really.
For example renting a flat.
No one tells you all the cost sometimes you just find out first hand and for some it can be difficult especially if you never thought that  you had to pay for the deposit and rent for the first month and also all your bills.
So a financing lesson would benefit everyone.    

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ok as I haven't heard anything of anyone I am guessing that I have supporters who do believe that we should extend school days.
Here is an example of what the school day would look like if it was extend.
0850-0950 Lesson 1
0950-1000 Lesson 2
1000-1015 Break
1015-1115 Lesson 3
1115-1215 Lesson 4
1215-1330 Lunch
1330-1400 Assembly etc
1400-1530 Last Lesson
1530-1630 After school Activity and Homework Help
1630-1700 Meal Time
1730 Hometime
Looking at it this way seems like a lot of time spending in school and not enough of time at home with their parents.
Here is an example of a working day for a parent if they worked until 5:30
0630 Waking up
0700 Breakfast Time
0730 Getting the children ready for school and doing lunch boxes.
0800 Taking the children to school
0830 Either dropping off to before school club or waiting for the children to go into school.
0900 Work
1200 Lucnh
1700 Finished work
1730 Picking the children up from after school club
1800 Arriving back at home
1900 Dinner
1930 Bath the children ready for bed and help out with children's homework
2000 Bedtime for the children.
2200 Bedtime
Now compare this one to the children's one. Looking at them you can see that a full time working parent has a very packed schedule that they need to follow to provide for the family. I am not saying that parents put work over families I am only saying that their schedule is very full on and by having the school one I made it allows lessons not to be rushed and to also allow an club to part of their curriculum and to also have homework help, whilst having a meal (something to keep them going until dinner).
This will benefit everyone during the week.
But this is just my opinion.  

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Still on the Topic of Longer School Days? Or Not?


I am a student studying Early Childhood Studies so I am not just a random person who is just posting statements like this one and my previous post.

The reason I think we should try to extend school hours is that the cost of childcare is getting really expensive and if the child is at school then shouldn't we find a way to help families out? Especially if they are trying to balance work and family life and some know that it is not that easy.

What an issue would be that a lot of people including family members and professionals within this sector would argue and say that it is bringing children's childhood to an end.
I am not suggesting that, if you think about it some children go from school to clubs anyway that they chose.
Why can't we allow every child to get involved in a club of their choice whether teachers or trained professionals take the students to a swimming pool to do swimming lessons or anything they want.
It doesn't have to be a physical club, as long as the children enjoy it, it will not affect and take a child's childhood away. (Especially if they go to an after school club anyway)

Also if you have children who need help with homework that may not get support from home or enough time with the teacher during the current school times this will benefit them so much.
It allows children to get the extra support and then be confident in that subject that they currently find hard.

I do advertise you to read this reference as it tells you what they do in Germany and how it benefits the children.
Oberhuemer, P., Schreyer, I. and Newman, M. (2010) Professionals in Early Childhood Education and Care Systems: European Profiles and Perspectives, Opladen & Farmington Hills: Barbara Budrich. pp.167-90.
And Please voice your opinions I want comments and discussions and I have many more topics that I wish to discus on this blog.

Longer School Days? Or not?

Should we Extend our school hours?

As a country we have always tried to support our family as well as work, but sometimes it can be difficult when our children finish school at 3:30 and some parents are still in work.
Wouldn't it be simple to extend school hours to fit around family life?

Think about it. Is it you as a employee who has to be flexible or the employer?

Before you all start to say NO!! As play is important. 

My vision of extend school hours would be until 5:30 and those extra 2 (YES ONLY 2 EXTRA HOURS) would be used for extra curriculum activities. Like having PE clubs that actually last an hour excluding the getting ready for it.

Also it can allow teachers to help children who may struggle with certain subjects without feeling rushed.