Saturday, 5 April 2014

Still on the Topic of Longer School Days? Or Not?


I am a student studying Early Childhood Studies so I am not just a random person who is just posting statements like this one and my previous post.

The reason I think we should try to extend school hours is that the cost of childcare is getting really expensive and if the child is at school then shouldn't we find a way to help families out? Especially if they are trying to balance work and family life and some know that it is not that easy.

What an issue would be that a lot of people including family members and professionals within this sector would argue and say that it is bringing children's childhood to an end.
I am not suggesting that, if you think about it some children go from school to clubs anyway that they chose.
Why can't we allow every child to get involved in a club of their choice whether teachers or trained professionals take the students to a swimming pool to do swimming lessons or anything they want.
It doesn't have to be a physical club, as long as the children enjoy it, it will not affect and take a child's childhood away. (Especially if they go to an after school club anyway)

Also if you have children who need help with homework that may not get support from home or enough time with the teacher during the current school times this will benefit them so much.
It allows children to get the extra support and then be confident in that subject that they currently find hard.

I do advertise you to read this reference as it tells you what they do in Germany and how it benefits the children.
Oberhuemer, P., Schreyer, I. and Newman, M. (2010) Professionals in Early Childhood Education and Care Systems: European Profiles and Perspectives, Opladen & Farmington Hills: Barbara Budrich. pp.167-90.
And Please voice your opinions I want comments and discussions and I have many more topics that I wish to discus on this blog.

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