Monday, 7 April 2014


From the Sex Ed lesson I had in year 9 there was so much that I feel should of been included within it in order to say that you explained everything they needed to know in order to prevent teenage pregnancy or from catching AIDS or an STD or STI.

Whether they listen is another thing.


Why miss out on things that can help to prevent this.

Number 1: Instead of just mentioning the Pill, femidom and the condom in sex education lessons why not explain all of the ways to prevent pregnancy and catching anything.
  1. The Pill
  2. Condom
  3. Abstinence
  4. Femidom
  5. Coil
  6. Implant
  7. Cap
  8. Injection
  9. Diaphragm
  10. Contraceptive patch'
  11. Ring
  12. IUS
  13. IUD   
As you can see there is a variety of contraception but why is so little being taught?

Another point that wasn't brought in my lesson was learning about how long before you pill counts as a missed pill and what can be the outcome of that.

Also I have known that a lot of girls become pregnant as they are unaware that antibiotics can cancel out your pill.

The main bulk of my lesson was how to be a condom on properly, talking about condoms and the pill and basically how condoms protect against STDs and that was it.

If we want our kids to be safe then sex ed classes need to be better.

And also sometimes they need to give sex education classes before Year 9, as some are sexual activity from the moment they have periods which can be 11 years old.

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