Monday, 14 April 2014

I know this one isn't technically about the educational system but in a way it is

My post this time is about the BBC 3 documentary on Porn what is the Harm? 

What I found watching this that why didn't any every suggest for the parents to set up filters on their on PC and their children's laptops?

This can then allow parents to block any websites or explicit videos/ images being seen accidentally by the children.

Some may say well not every one is technical which is true however when you get a new PC or laptop then it gives you the option to turn on family safeguard or something similar to that.

So why aren't we doing this before complaining to the Government about it?

I know sometimes it is easier to blame before research yourself.

The issue with accessing it via mobile phones my main point is that parents normally pay for the mobile phones and if they set rules to use the WiFi in the house and have the filter on your own WiFi then you won't be able to see those images.

When it comes down to friends showing their friends pictures and images that parents don't wish them to see that is a problem, but if it does happen there needs to be a relationship between the child and their parents.

So then they can go to them and ask them about it and then the parents can take the matter into their hands and could contact the parents of the other child and let them know what their child is accessing so they know, as you never know those parents may not know what their child is watching.

I did agree with Skepta when he mentioned about children not having the relationship with parents and not being able to talk to them about it, I know it can be hard for children to open up to their parents but parents need to try and maintain this relationship.
This link should appear in more schools to show the impact of Sexting and it may prevent it.

We need to include the issue of porn into our educational system in order to try and educate children that Porn is not showing what Sex is really like, and how the story lines of porn some of the more hard core porn is not treating the women or men right in them and to try and prevent them from trying out a story line which could be a rape story line.

In the UK we need a better educational system for secondary and primary school, and this issue needs to be included.

Let me know what you think on this serious issue.        


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