Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ok as I haven't heard anything of anyone I am guessing that I have supporters who do believe that we should extend school days.
Here is an example of what the school day would look like if it was extend.
0850-0950 Lesson 1
0950-1000 Lesson 2
1000-1015 Break
1015-1115 Lesson 3
1115-1215 Lesson 4
1215-1330 Lunch
1330-1400 Assembly etc
1400-1530 Last Lesson
1530-1630 After school Activity and Homework Help
1630-1700 Meal Time
1730 Hometime
Looking at it this way seems like a lot of time spending in school and not enough of time at home with their parents.
Here is an example of a working day for a parent if they worked until 5:30
0630 Waking up
0700 Breakfast Time
0730 Getting the children ready for school and doing lunch boxes.
0800 Taking the children to school
0830 Either dropping off to before school club or waiting for the children to go into school.
0900 Work
1200 Lucnh
1700 Finished work
1730 Picking the children up from after school club
1800 Arriving back at home
1900 Dinner
1930 Bath the children ready for bed and help out with children's homework
2000 Bedtime for the children.
2200 Bedtime
Now compare this one to the children's one. Looking at them you can see that a full time working parent has a very packed schedule that they need to follow to provide for the family. I am not saying that parents put work over families I am only saying that their schedule is very full on and by having the school one I made it allows lessons not to be rushed and to also allow an club to part of their curriculum and to also have homework help, whilst having a meal (something to keep them going until dinner).
This will benefit everyone during the week.
But this is just my opinion.  

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