Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sugar Tax to cut Child Obesity

Sugar cubes in a bowl
What makes me angry about this news story is that why should we have to have tax on sugar because of childhood obesity?
It then means because of some parents who allow their child to eat foods and drink fizzy drinks with a lot of sugar, more than they should, means that everyone else should pay the price.

Parents need to become more strict when they are feeding their children, as parents you decide what your child eats and drinks, you are in control of what they have, so become more strict.

I personally don't want to pay a sugar tax because we have a child obesity problem there needs to be another way.

"A "sugar tax" should be introduced by the UK government to help curb obesity in childhood, a campaign group says."

"The group wants measures brought in to cut added sugar in food by 40% by 2020, to cut fat in foods and to ban sports sponsorship by "junk food" companies."

I don't mind having sugar being reduced in food and drinks, that is a good idea as it isn't imposing a tax on everyone else but a sugar tax to me is unfair to everyone else.
I believe you need to cut sugar out of a child's diet to make sure that your child doesn't become obese, I mean who has responsibility for their child's weight and that is the parents.

Parents need to be educated in making healthier meals rather than relying on this tax, if a child becomes obese I believe the parents are at fault as they are responsible for what the child eats. 
We need to be stricter with our children on what they eat.
So reduce the amount of fast food your child eats, reduce the amount of sugary treats and drinks you give them, try and give them healthy treats.
Also if you introduce a healthy diet from a young age and you as a parent should set an example and eat healthy as well, as your child looks up to you and follows what you eat.

All the quotes come from the BBC News 2014.  


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