Monday, 7 July 2014

Children's TV and Junk Food

I think this article was one of those that made me think "Really we are now judging TV on our children's health" 
My main question is how is TV causing this when the parents buy the food, not the TV?

I can understand the concern at the moment about children eating too much junk but can we really put the blame on TV?
I used to watch a lot of TV which showed teenagers eating a lot of sugary food and junk food, however I never once went up to my parents and demanded to be bought that food. And I know if I did the answer would of been no.

The issue we have with food isn't on the TV but what is going on within our homes. 
It is the food parents and carers are feeding the children, we don't need to adjust what is on the TV but what is prepared in the homes, more healthy cooking education is what we need for parents and carers.

I know this News Story goes into a study that is being down at the moment with this issue, but still I don't think that TV is to blame, did they do a study on children watching these shows and what the parents chose to cook them?

We need to have parents with a more stronger mind that will turn around to there children with a healthy meal, and if they refuse to eat it then they need to learn that they can't get their own way all the time, and that if they don't eat it well then that's that.
Now a lot of us will turn around and say this is abuse as you are not feeding your child, believe me if they are really hungry they will end up eating it.
All you have to do is sit them down with the food and they can't leave the table until it is eaten, and to only leave the table for the toilet.

It may be a harsh way to get them to eat the food but as a parent you need to let your child know that you are in charge not them.

Why don't you get your child to help you with making tea and also give them a choice of some healthy options that way they are still helping to decide what they eat.

If you want to blame TV and not look closer to home then in my opinion you are very closed minded. 

Check out the whole story here and give me your thoughts on this subject.

(And just because it is a professor giving this study doesn't mean that he is right).

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