Friday, 8 August 2014

Should unqualified Teachers be in our schools?

Should we have individuals to be in our schools, teaching children in they are not qualified?

I am at university currently and I want to teach but I don't agree with those we can be employed by a free school and can teach.
I am a long with a lot of other students who want to teach working as hard as we can to get our degree to become teachers.

Yes I do agree some people who show a lot of passion in their subject would make good teachers, but am I wrong to think that they should have some form of qualification?

I don't think so, I want my own free school eventually but I want to gain enough experience so if I have parents, carers or even other teachers question me I will have the knowledge and experience to answer them.

We need our children to have a decent education and I know from what I am learning that I can take what they give me in lectures and on my work placement, and be able to put it into practice once I am qualified.

Let me put it into this perspective would you want someone who isn't a qualified doctor to perform surgery on you?

I know I wouldn't.

The quality of our education needs to continue and that begins with qualified teachers and a better curriculum.

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